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Are you ready to take your journey to the next level? I specialize in working with people who are ready to go deep so they can fully live their soul journey from a place of joy, peace, freedom, and unconditional love.

Using ThetaHealing®, I facilitate healing non-serving beliefs and clearing human conditioning so you can live with a clear intuition, connected heart, and present mind.

Our work together begins with your intention, this can be gaining clarity, removing obstacles or resolving prior conditioning or trauma. In order to grow, expand, and live our highest potential, we must heal, clear or resolve the energy that keeps us stuck in the past. Energy is the currency of the universe and when a part of us is stuck in the past, we are blocked to the flow of the universe. Symptoms of unresolved energetic patterns include: feeling worried, anxious, angry, overwhelmed or afraid. You don't have to live this way.

Your birthright is to life fully from a place of unconditional love, passion, and purpose.

I've never heard of ThetaHealing®, how does it work?

The Theta brain wave is like the operating system of a computer. Changes to the operating system allow software to run smoothly and effectively. Many healing modalities work to change your software, which can help, however what is even more effective is downloading programming that is most supportive of your journey going forward. By tapping directly into source energy, we find which programs are at the root of what is holding you back, I then witness source removing those programs and replace them with ones that support and serve you.

Here is a theta meditation to experience your direct connection to source energy. You will be in awe of how more much clearly you'll hear the voice of your intuition.

Say goodbye to feeling at the affect of the people and world around you and invite in your new life full of love, energy, and possibility!

About me...

I am a dancer, saxophone and basketball player, turned runner and yogi. A loud introvert, hyperactive reader, twelve year old boy in a woman's body. (Come on how can you not laugh at fart jokes?) I love green juice and chocolate, hip hop and essential oils, meditation and red wine. A Californian deeply in love with Kauai and Chicago.

I have a master's degree in Post-Modern Political Theory, worked for years doing strategic projects for a Fortune 100 Company, and have been called to my soul purpose work as a result of my own spiritual awakening. I am now a certified:

  • ThetaHealing® Instructor and Practitioner
  • Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner through iPEC
  • Reiki II Practitioner
  • 200 hour RYT Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga and Standup Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga Teacher
  • WPA Standup Paddleboard Instructor

I practice my own unique combination of healing, coaching and spiritual remembering to help my clients regain a clear intuition, connected heart, and present mind. Together, we dance with the light and shadow of the human experience, freeing up vital life force energy by healing wounds and trauma and creating the passionate and purposeful life they truly want to live.

After a wonderful childhood wherein I was always encouraged to trust my intuition, I fell asleep in young adulthood by following the path that I thought I was "supposed" to take. I was looking externally for the answers and living solely through the lens the logical, analytical mind.

It all changed when I entered a dark night of the soul resulting from extreme heartbreak. I had no idea what I was feeling or what would come of it, I just knew it was dark, painful, and terrifying. I was all of the sudden in the bottom of a deep cave and had no idea how to get out.

A few weeks in I realized I was in this place because of blaming my heart for loving so deeply. This was the beginning of my spiritual awakening. I began to read books, watch TedTalks, and journal A LOT! I received insight after insight and gave myself the time and space to feel and heal.

Along my journey, I found a trusted counselor, a powerful energy healer, and an intuitive coach. Bringing these supporters along with me changed everything. My healing, growth, and thus awakening accelerated rapidly. I now have fully stepped into my purpose in this lifetime: to be a beacon of unconditional love.

There are no limitations when you listen to your heart and soul.


"Tina has been brought into my life by the universe, and she has been a beacon of light for me during this difficult journey. I have participated in distance Reiki and phone ThetaHealing sessions with Tina, they both have made a lasting impact on me and she without a doubt has gifts to share with the world. If you are on the fence about trying a ThetaHealing session my suggestion would be to go for it. I went into my session without a complete understanding and without any expectations. The resulting revelations I have uncovered 48 hours after this session can largely, if not entirely, be accredited to Tina's work with me over the phone and my subconscious reprogramming. I will definitely be back for more sessions with her so that she can continue to share her gift with me. Thank you Tina for sharing your gifts with us!!" - Tim F.


"I have known and worked with Tina for several months now. She is an incredible coach. She listens to what I say and what I don't say. She is very intuitive and is able to help me see the answers that lie inside myself and to access those answers. She is very loving and non-judgmental. I find her easy to talk to and share my inner-most thoughts and feelings with her. I highly recommend her as a Coach. She is responsive and responsible." - Gail M.


"I have had both in person and phone ThetaHealing sessions with Tina. The quality of her sessions are consistent and can be done in both realms with the same lasting results. Tina's specificity to channel ThetaHealing by asking questions, using sensory exercises and being the conduit and connection to the divine creator creates a visual experience that I am able to comprehend and internalize. I can literally feel my body physically lighter and the emotional stress weight lifted that allows a vibrational shift to occur." - Mary K.