Deciding What to Share

As I launch this blog, I've been contemplating what to share and what not to share. Over time I've observed the two poles of perspectives, particularly on social media: share everything or share nothing. As I've grappled with what fits best with my heart, I've stayed closer to the nothing side. This decision wasn't from a place of fear or feeling ashamed, but rather from a deep place of self love and reverence for my journey. Glennon Doyle talks about making sure we have an intention for why we are sharing and until that was solid for me, it felt most authentic to share small parts of myself, a bit at a time.

What IS my intention?

My intention is to support human beings in their journeys back to themselves. I non-judgmentally hold space, ask questions, provide tools and am genuinely curious about what their heart & soul is truly calling for. Not my projection, not my wound, not my epiphany! I provide the opportunity for my clients to experience clarity, layer by layer.

I am so curious, what is truly real for you?

What brings you energy like Christmas morning?! That's where we start! Many of us are afraid to say those things out loud because they've been responded to with "but what about" or "my concern is" or my personal favorite (fill in judgmental preface followed by) "I just want you to be happy." Yes, those who love us have intentions that would make our hearts explode with love if we could truly feel them. However, at times fear, projection, and/or prior experience leads them to say things that sound more like caution than love.

This is why some parts of my journey are mine.

It's been five years since I promised to never betray my heart again and vowed to reverently listen to my intuition. This journey has not been easy, and yes, on this blog I will share some of the deep heartbreaking moments as well as some of the beyond-my-wildest-dream epiphanies. As I navigate the tricky waters of complete dedication, faith and trust in my heart & soul as my expert guide, I inevitably bump up against other humans having very real emotions around my choices. Every time this happens, I get back on my surf board and remember why I'm on this amazing ride in the first place. In that process, there is some bruising and battering, some water up the nose and maybe even coral chewing up my skin. This is why, some parts are mine. Some days my wounds need to be tended to. Some days the salt water in a gaping wound stings too much to get back on the board. Thus, resting on the beach is not only self-loving but necessary.

Then there are other days, like yesterday, when I told my new hairdresser, whom I have only seen twice, about what's truest in my heart. She listened and looked me straight in the eye in a way that I knew. She got it. She felt the truth of my heart. She saw me. I walked home feeling so much love and gratitude for the depth of her being.

We are each on a unique journey that only we can fully understand. However, I wouldn't be where I am if I didn't have support, in particular from an amazing counselor and a gifted healer. I hope to be that support for you. Your reason for being on this planet right now is critically important to your soul, everyone in your life, and for the entire universe.