A Treatise on Unconditional Love


Unconditional love exists deep within our hearts and souls, yet our egos tend to hold us apart from it in fear. This is why the message of unconditional love is asking to come through. It is the Truth of our being, the place we are all coming back home to. When we begin learning how to be human at a very young age, we take cues from everything external to us. This is necessary so we can learn how to exist in the world. In this process however, we forget our true nature and set ourselves off on a trajectory of listening to everything else around us more than we hear ourselves. We spend our lives looking for cues from our families, friends, television, social media and we conform, conform, conform. As this is happening, there's something within us that's dying - our soul, our purpose, our passion. The more we fit ourselves into a box, the less air there is to breathe and we become stressed out, anxious, worried, and afraid.

This is why the message of unconditional love is so important. It's our north star, the beacon of light that guides us away from everything our egos tell us we are or are not and back to our true nature. The closer and closer we get to our true nature, the more peace, calm, ease, and love we experience in our daily lives. It is truly magical!

How do I know that unconditional love is even possible in human form? Because everything we want to believe points directly to unconditional love. You may have heard or felt the beliefs that we are all exactly where we need to be at all times or everything happens for a reason. Those beliefs are pointing directly to unconditional love. Unconditional love for yourself, your journey, your triumphs, your failures, so much so that you don't even see that there is such thing as a mistake in life because everything is happening for us. That is unconditional love.

If you have had a dog, you know unconditional love. You know a being who is purely in the present moment, always happy to see you, ready to cheer you up, or play regardless of how many hours you worked that day or how much you earn. Your dog is a being who accepts you for exactly who you are. In that relationship, you also know unconditional self-love. You don't judge what your stomach looks like or what emotions you experienced that day through your dogs eyes. You don't think to yourself "I wonder what Marley is thinking about how I look in these pants, I better change."

So how can we come home to unconditional love in all of the other, much more complex relationships in our lives? We must start by courageously looking at our wounds, healing our past pain, and uncovering the subconscious beliefs that are holding us back in fear. Why would you choose to begin that journey? Because you know deep within that it's not a choice; you feel a part of you dying and you love yourself too much to let that happen. A life of stress, anxiety, worry, fear, anger, and discontent is not the life you came here to live. There is another way and the views and vistas along that road are truly filled with peace, joy, contentment, and fulfillment.

Unconditional love is not only possible for you, it's calling you. It may be the more quiet whisper that you are able to not pay as much attention to, but you know it's there. You know you came here to experience the most of the human adventure which is so much more than busyness, stress, and constant doing. As soon as you say "Yes! Unconditional love is possible for me," the universe will begin conspiring in your favor to show you all of the paths to get there (psst...the universe already is you just may not yet realize it). If you're reading this and the only voice in your head you can hear is the one that talks incessantly and is telling you stories that none of this is true, that's perfectly normal, it's your ego not wanting to "lose" the battle with your heart. The thing is, your heart has never been competing, it is just gently whispering, calling you home.