Reiki for pets


What I found to be most interesting about healing Oski is it worked so much better from a distance than when my hands were close to his body. Animals are so present, in tune with their own energy and the energy around them, that they are quite sensitive to healing. With Oski, I tuned into him and give him healing for 3-5 minutes multiple times per day. This dramatically reduced his arthritic flare ups and thus the amount of anti-inflammatory medication he was taking. Reiki along with Dr. Bhatt's acupuncture and herbal treatments helped him live out his senior season with stronger health and much more comfort and ease.

what to expect

  • 3-5 minute Distance Healing for your Pet everyday for a week
  • Choose either one or two healing sessions per day
  • Weekly Investment: $40 for one healing/day; $80 for two healings/day