intuitive Healing

Our session begins with your intention, I then do an intuitive reading to gain clarity. Often, when we want something to happen in life but it hasn’t yet, there is a sub-conscious belief to the contrary of your intention that is holding you back. It can be quite hard to identify these on your own because they’re sub-conscious! That’s where ThetaHealing® comes in. I ask you questions to identify the belief and then pull it and replace it with a belief that is fully serving you at this time. This is all based upon free will so you choose what beliefs you want to support your journey.

One of the most fun parts of working together is I have no idea where we’ll be led during a session. ThetaHealing® is capable of doing everything from healing ancestral and past live wounds to manifesting your soulmate, new career, or home. Join me on an exploration of what your soul and source energy have in store for you at this time in your life!

Download this theta meditation to experience your direct connection to source energy.


Your birthright is to life fully from a place of unconditional love, passion, and purpose

come work with me in person @ The space!

5215 N Ravenswood Ave., Suite 213 Chicago, Ilinois

Energetic Exchange: $55 for 25 min & $110 for 50 min

If you’re looking to book a session and the available dates/times don’t work for you,

please e-mail me and we can work together to find the perfect time and way to connect!

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Molly Coeling and I co-create and hold The Space together. She’s an amazingly powerful massage therapist and Reiki master. Check out her offerings here

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1:1 phone sessions: $55 for 25 min & $110 for 50 min