intuitive coaching & Mentoring

Working together is all about achieving your intentions. I am here to support, provide tools and help you navigate the sometimes graceful and sometimes overwhelming human experience.

Do you fully own that YOU get to decide what you experience in life?

You (your soul manifested in human form) are always co-creating your experiences with the universe. Every experience that enters your reality is here to help you achieve what you have set out to in this lifetime.

Once you are consciously aware of the path that your soul is guiding you on, your experience becomes one of clarity, purpose, and joy. Life’s challenges and heartbreaks feel different, as we are now allowing all experiences to be a part of the journey.

Trusting all of life is possible by FEELING our connection to source.

Download this theta meditation to experience your direct connection to the energy of unconditional love.


Your birthright is to life fully from a place of unconditional love, passion, and purpose

come work with me in person @ The space!

5215 N Ravenswood Ave., Suite 213 Chicago, Ilinois

$55 for 25 min & $110 for 50 min

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Molly Coeling and I are the co-creators of The Space. She’s a powerful Reiki teacher, check her classes out here

Enjoy transformation in the comfort of your own home

1:1 phone sessions: $55 for 25 min & $110 for 50 min

If you’re looking to book a session and the available dates/times don’t work for you,

please e-mail me and we find the perfect time to connect!