The board of directors of you

Have you ever had the experience of wanting to make a change in your life, feeling stuck, or having the same issue pop up over and over again just dressed in different clothing? If you're human, your answer is an emphatic YES! Of course we all have. It is a completely normal part of being human to feel stuck, anxious, mad, afraid or hurt and in this state we want so badly to move forward but it feels like an unseen force is blocking us. No matter what we try to do to escape from this state, it either doesn't work or we end up feeling worse off than where we began. So WTF is this all about? It's a block that is here to serve you and thus, until you recognize what part of you is wanting to be heard, you literally won't be able to move through and continue on your path.

What is the solution? As I was on a beautiful walk with a beloved friend, it hit me like a ton of bricks, I needed to create my Board of Directors. What the hell is a board of directors other than a bunch of people sitting around a table making big decisions for companies? Exactly! Except what we don't realize is that WE ALL HAVE ONE for our own lives. Let's start at the beginning, you know that the voice inside your head is not "you" right? The incessant monologue that helps you navigate the human world is not actually you - if you're scratching your head, I highly recommend Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth.

Once we begin to see life through the lens of the observer, we can acknowledge that in order to navigate life, it would be very helpful to see ourselves in parts. This way, we have the opportunity to see which part of us is feeling "left behind" when other parts of us want so badly to move forward. The part of you that is feeling left behind, is most likely what is causing the feeling of being blocked, mad, afraid, and so on. Identifying the various parts of ourselves that we want to be listening to and learning from helps us to get curious about why we're experiencing what we are and what our being needs in order to "move forward." These parts of ourselves are the Board of Directors!

I'm going to walk you through how to create your own Board of Directors and how to use this extremely wise and helpful council to navigate literally anything in life.

  1. Identify the parts of you that are most relevant to your day to day experience and your journey
    • Example: for me this is my soul (or higher self), heart, brain, ego, values, and twin flame
  2. Identify the parts of you that have needed healing on your journey
    • Example: for me this is my past lives and ancestral line
  3. Identify the parts of you that you often forget about
    • Example: for me this is my physical body and inner child
  4. Once you have this list, meditate and ask is there anyone else wanting to come forward to join the board?
  5. Make a representation of your board in whichever way will help you best remember.
    • I drew a table and started placing board members around it. Each board member had a symbol that I drew, so that I can visually remember who they all are. This worked well for me but this can literally look like anything, you can make it an art project and cut out pictures from magazines, you can use crystals and designate each one to be a different part of you. Make it fun and memorable so that it's easily with you when you need it.
  6. Now you're ready to write your guiding document! It only makes sense that a Board of Directors of an important organization (YOU!) would have rules of engagement, right?
    • In mine, I talked about how my soul will facilitate the meetings, everyone will be heard around the table and we won't move forward as a group until everyone is on board with the decision that's been made.
      • Why is this part so important? Because you are making a commitment to ALL parts of yourself that they will be seen, heard, felt, and honored in all aspects of your life. If you are struggling with literally anything in life, it's because one of your board members is trying to speak up and the rest aren't giving them the mic. It's that simple - our beings want to move through life feeling whole and integrated and we can't when a part of us is feeling left behind.
      • Why not just take that part of us that's feeling left behind, tell it to buck up and get on board and plow through? Because it has important information for us that will make our journey so much more full of grace, ease, love, joy and fulfillment. If you don't have to spend your life powering through things just to hit the same barrier in another form over and over again, why would you?
  7. YAY! You've put in the work to set yourself up to move through life whole and complete. Now what? It's time to put the board to work! What is one thing, big or small, that you are struggling through in life right now?
    • Get out a pen and paper and write out a question at the top of your page that you know if you had the answer to, you'd be able to move forward.
    • Next, let each board member respond to the question. If you can't immediately put each board member's perspective on, close your eyes and breathe deeply into your body for a few minutes, create a bit of space between thoughts, then resume by asking the next board member your question.
    • Each member will have a unique response based upon its perspective and you will be fascinated at how quickly you receive an "ah ha!" It may even feel so obvious that you want to face-palm. Please give yourself grace, you are now, for the first time, looking and listening to your entire being at once - that is HUGE!

May this tool provide you clarity, direction, peace of mind, and confidence as you navigate the tides of live. Sending light and love!